Welcome! This site is simply meant to be a hub for my projects, a centralized about me, and a small blog for occasional thoughts and ramblings. I don’t plan on writing and posting too much on here, but wanted to have a place to dump any thoughts just in case.

Hope you enjoy your time here!

About Me

Just a stack of cubes who somehow got hold of a computer.

Cracking the Programming Blog

I am fluent in C# and Python, am currently exploring Haskell and Rust, and use some Java, JS, and C++ because I must. However, my true love is Nim.

I happen to be a FOSS enthusiast and Linux user, NixOS is the Linux distro of my choice, and you may find me contributing to Nixpkgs as well. (You can find my NixOS config here as well.)

Currently working at 7th Beat Games on Rhythm Doctor! I also am the creator of multiple 3rd party tools for Rhythm Doctor, including LevelSync and rd-downloader (previously written in Python, now written in Nim).

TODO: put some more project links here!

Next Generation Music Game

My current game interests happen to land on rhythm games, my favorites are Rhythm Doctor on PC, maimai in arcade. I’ll definitely play other games, currently trying to get into SDVX and playing a bunch of Project Sekai on mobile. Playing Phigros, vivid/stasis on and off, definitely not a full list of games.

You may also see me playing automation games as well as modded Minecraft, assuming I have the time and accidentally got addicted.

Under Construction

Writing about oneself is so difficult sometimes, so for now this is all there is. Definitely let me know if you think there should be more.